Thursday, April 27, 2006

Aren't We Glad That Cows Don't Fly?

This evening DramaMama has her book club meeting where she and several of her friends get together after all reading the same book. Then they discuss what it meant to them, what they liked, what they disliked, etc.

As she was applying her make up, the Bear asked her what she was doing.

"I'm putting on mascara."

"Monster Poop? You're putting Monster Poop on your eye?"

"MASK... AIR... UH..."

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Night of the Living... Bee?

This evening when I arrived home from work, the neighbors were sitting in their yard, and greeted me. They informed me that they had just had their house sprayed to rid it of a newly formed hive of bees. There were still several flying around the gap in the roof.

I took the Bear to the park awhile later, and told him to be careful because there were bees in the house next to ours.

"Will they suck out my brain?"

Where does he come up with this stuff?

"No, buddy... they wont suck out your brain."

"I don't like to have my brain out of my head."

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mini Meme


Tagged again, by a fellow writer no less.

Don't worry, you and all of blogdom are safe from being tagged. The last time was fun I dare say, but (and it's a BIG butt... I mean but), crap... lost my train of thought.

um... 6 random things about myself...

1) I have never smoked, drank, or taken any illegal drugs.

2) I never skipped a school class until I was in college.

3) I have played the piano for most of my life. I learned the trumpet and bass guitar in Jr. High. I picked up the electric guitar in high school, and classical guitar in college. I have written several songs, all of them instrumental, and generally within the New Age genre.

4) I am a creatively artistic, cartoonist, web developing, musical, writing, programmer/computer guy.

5) I have my own e-commerce business plus I work full-time.

6) I served a mission for the LDS church in West Virginia, Ohio , and Kentucky.

So there you have it. meme in a nutshell.

7) Bonus: I am a writer with 2 novels actively in development, a couple others waiting in the wings. I have finished one, and it is currently in revision, the second is probably about 2/3 finished. Others have barely a start.

If you feel so inclined to take this meme and tag yourself, more power to you. Just dont say I tagged you! :)

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sad. Dad. Dad is Sad.

Yesterday was not a good day for our family. Our precious little Bear had a doctor's appointment to have his legs checked. His pull-a-diagnosis-and-remedy-outta-my-butt did nothing to bolster our hopes for our little guy.

The doctor said after a very brief examination that the Bear should wear leg braces for the rest of his life. He asked if the Bear had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which he has not. Even without a proper diagnosis, this doctor wants to sentence our boy to a lifetime of wearing leg braces.

I was at work when DramaMama called me to break the news. She put the Bear on the phone, and I heard some of the most heart wrenching words I have ever heard him say. He said, "I don't want to be a robot!"

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Painting Eggs in an Eeyore Bib... What Could Be Better?

Today was our annual family Easter-Egg-O-Rama. The kids all decorated eggs, the adults hid fake ones full of candy and money, and the kids hunted for them.

My sister sent me a bundle of pictures taken throughout the day. When I got to the one included here, I knew it had to go on my blog.

This the Spanish speaker. :)

The Bear came home with a boatload of candy and set to unwrapping all of it in my office.

Have a happy Easter, and through all of the fun, eggs, bunnies, and candy, take some time to remember what it is we commemorate: The resurrection of our Saviour.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Parley Voo Franzy?

Come with me now as we enter the domain of the fabled Bear, purveyor of many a kiddicism.

The Bear, well known for his humorous words and antics, was sitting beside me at the black computer. His ever curious mind asked the question aloud, "Hmmm who do I want to talk to?"

He reached for the phone, we punched in the digits for his favorite cousin Nikki, and he waited.


"It's me!"

"Who's Me?"

"Kayden Bear. Let me talk to Nikk!"

As he waited for Nikki to answer, her younger sister, not yet fluent in the language of humankind, got on the line. After a few minutes of babble from the baby, and the Bear's repeated attempts at getting a straight answer from her, the Bear turned to me.

"Baby Liberty talks a lot."

"You were talking to Baby Liberty?"

"Yeah, but she only talks in Spanish!"

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Food, The Fat, and the Fruggly

Over the past several weeks, I have felt as though a giant crap-beast has been dumping on me at work. I have had so much to do that I often have missed lunch and have worked late. I have gotten a lot done, but it's much like a river... it just keeps a comin'.

So... needless to say, (but I will anyway) , I have been very tired for a very long time, and have little energy and patience upon arriving home.

I try to find solace by escaping to my office where I can think, relax, and perhaps write. But, and it's a BIG but... My five-year-old shadow follows me right in and wants to play a game with me on my computer.

This is fine I suppose, but there is rarely a time when I sit at my computer that this does not happen. I have tons to do at home as well on my own company, my brother's website, and a handful of other projects I am working on.

The Bear shows up and wants to play, and I am put in the situation of deciding whether to make him cry or not by insisting that I am going to get some work done. He is a special little guy, and doesn't yet understand why we cant play all day long on the computer.

These long hours have made me look more like that dude above. I usually have breakfast running out the door, and driving to work. I miss lunch about 50% of the time. I get home from work, and pig out. Being wiped out from the day, I look for the fastest and easiest thing to shove in my face, and it usually isn't something healthy.

I actually have been much happier lately, but I am just wiped out tired all of the time, and my head gets full of buzzing icky goo, and doesn't want to deal with anything more.

I have for the most part stopped writing because of it. I very much want to continue my books, but most of the time I sit at the computer, and my brain vomits and says 'no more for today'.

So downstairs I go to find something to shove in my face. American Idol with a frickin' big bag of chips.


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