Friday, March 21, 2008

8th Anniversary and Time Off

Ahhhhhh..... I have a big old cheezer on my face because... well... I'M NOT AT WORK! But more especially because this has been wonderful to spend time alone with DramaMama and no kids or bosses.

We started out Thursday by going to breakfast at Village Inn. I don't think I stopped grinning the whole time we were there. We took a jaunt through the dollar store where we got such exotic things as hand sanitizer and Bit-o-honey.

We then went to a movie. We saw "Vantage Point" which was very interesting and intense. We have been taking pictures of us doing whatever throughout the day.

From there we came home and had a nap. I thought I only slept for about 10 minutes, but when I looked at the clock more than an hour had passed.

I drove to work... WHAT??? Um.. it was pay day and I needed to get my check. In and out in less than 5 minutes. I took it to the bank then returned home to my cutie wife.

We have pretty much been playing this by ear, so what ever floats our boat is what we do. We decided to stay in for the evening.

We use the NetFlix service, and we had the last 2 "Bourne" movies waiting in our mailbox. We had watched the first movie Wednesday evening, so we watched the second one and ordered pizza.

From there we pretty much did our own thing. DramaMama was tired out, so she went and laid down. I watched the end ofthe Lakers and Jazz game hoping the the Jazz would beat the Lakers so the Suns could pull ahead of them in the rankings, but alas the Lakers won. PPLPPLLLTTTT!!!!!

We had a very nice day together. We never have had a lot of alone time like this. Over the past few years, we've had a few days here and there. When we were married we already had a family, so we didn't get the alone time then. This has been very nice. Have I ever mentioned that I love my cutie wife?? I do.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Good News Part 2

Today I found an envelope next to DramaMama's computer from the church. I picked it up, and asked if it was for my article.

She said that she thought it was a reimbursement check for things we bought for the ward party.

I looked closer and saw that it was from Salt Lake. Knowing that they wouldn't have sent the reimbursement form there for payment, I opened it and found a check made out to me from the church for $175 with the note "Ensign Article" on the stub.


There was no letter enclosed, so I don't know any particulars about when or what the next step will be, but as they have paid me for it, that means that it is going to be published. I am assuming probably soon.


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Saturday, March 15, 2008

In Memory of Bubba 3

Well folks, it is official. The last of our goldfish "Bubba 3" has been killed and eaten by our algae eater "Frick". We have decided to save the lives of many future goldfish, by ridding ourselves first of Frick, then the fish tank.

I got a phone call at work from DramaMama telling me of Bubba's demise, and I could hear the heartbroken wails of the Bear in the background.

The fish tank was a nice ting, but DramaMama hates it, and too many fish have been murdered by Frick in it, so the time has come for it to go.

>>>Logging onto craigs list<<<

Oh, and if you are wondering why there is a label for "The Potty" under this post, well... you know.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What has become of Cheez?

Good question.

I know that I have lost all 3 of my readers due to lack of diligence here in blogland, but I thought it time to write something anyway.

I started a new book recently, and am into the 8th chapter already. I am receiving good reviews so far from my writing group. They have said that of all my stuff they have read, they like this best.

So this makes 1 book with 2 revisions completed, another book about 2/3 way through first draft, the NanoWriMo book that never got far that is morphing into still another book I started, then this one.

Work has been nightmarish the last few days. Bad stuff followed by more bad stuff. We are still cleaning up the mess, and hopefully will get it wrapped up tomorrow.

We are enjoying American Idol. So far most of the ones I wanted to go away have done so.

I am also enjoying the Celebrity Apprentice.


Next week is our 8th anniversary. We already got our "present". Our 4 year old TV did a croaker, so DramaMama went on Craigs list and found a nice tv for us. We got a smoking deal on it. The Bear came down the stairs and notified DramaMama that "this TV is HUMOUNGOUS".

I am taking a couple days off at the end of our anniversary week, not the day of unfortunately. But that will give us 4 days.

If anyone reads this, please leave a comment. I don't get many anymore.

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