Saturday, December 31, 2005

Just what resolution is it?

Being a computer / printing industry guy, resolution has a few different meanings to me.

In computers and printing it refers to the number of colored dots (pixels) per inch, in life it refers to making oneself better.

So what is the best resolution? There is a different answer in all respects. In computers, (at least on the web) it is 72 DPI (dots per inch), in printing, it is 300 DPI, in life it is 0 SPI (Spots per individual).

When it comes to your new years resolution you resolve to make certain aspects of your life "spot free". The question that must be asked is, "Is this a true resolution, or just a pale illusion?"

Every year resolutions are made, and every year resolutions are not met. What was the point? Do resolutions get made with real intent or merely as a temporary cessation of guilt?

This year I will not make a traditional New Years resolution. This year I have set a serious goal. My goal is to make my business grow strong enough to completely support my family, without the need for me to work at an outside job. This is somewhat ambitious, but this past year my business performed better than any previous year. It improved nearly 40% over last year. It beat our previous record by over $30,000.

Shortly after the end of 2005 business, we will meet and make some calculations as to what level we need to reach in 2006 to allow me to leave my current employment. Early estimates indicate that it will be able to happen. In 2005 we began an aggressive marketing strategy that has paid off in spades. We had only a partial year with it in action, and it breathed new life into several of our previously low selling vendors. In 2006 we will have the full year on this new strategy, and I fully expect and intend to blow this new record we have set in 2005 out beyond Pluto.

The ability to return home and once again be my own boss is something that I greatly desire. I am very much a free spirit, and I do not function well under the thumb of a power-hungry / micro-managing boss. I set high standards for myself in my work, and work very hard to do the best work I can.

This year just what resolution will your New Year's Resolution be?

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

I love the smell of Old Spice in the morning

This year, the title of this post has particular significance to our family.

Several months ago, DramaMama's father was driving on a long trip, and was stricken with severe pain inside. He was taken to the hospital where it was determined that his esophagus had ruptured. The extreme pain he was feeling was due the stomach acid leaking into his body cavity and beginning to digest his insides.

It took many months of intensive care, and hospice work to bring him back to us, several times nearly failing to do so. Many a prayer was offered in his behalf, and at great length they were answered.

He has since returned home, weakened, but alive and kicking. My father-in-law uses Old Spice, and he and my mother-in-law are here with us for Christmas. We gave them our bedroom for the duration of their stay.

When I walked in there this morning, I smelled the Old Spice. What a blessing to our family to be able to smell that again.

Welcome home GrandDad and Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Cutie Wife

This is one of those photos that makes you say, "Wow! How did that beautiful girl end up with THAT!"

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Life these days

Somedays you are the deer... the rest, you are the carrot!


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Teenagers say the strangest things!

Last night was our family Christmas party. We had about 20 people there and had a very nice time.

At one point we were playing the game called Catch Phrase, and the new word was described as:

"When you go to the bathroom you...", then they made a flushing motion.

In true teenager fashion, DogHouse Boy piped up, "Pinch a loaf?"

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Generation C - The Computer Generation

This morning as I was happily battling in Battle of the Blogs, the Bear hopped in on the older computer behind me. He is very good at finding his own games, (except Dot Com which means he wants to play on

He brought up a game and was playing along when I hear, "You go live with Jesus! You too Buddy!"

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rudolph made an example?

The other day, I took the Bear to see Santa Claus at the mall.

We waited in line for nearly an hour, during which we had a lot of time to look at the Christmas set and decorations.

They had a snow maker blowing snow out where the kids could have it land on them.

There were two trains, and elves dangling precariously from the ceiling.

As we drew nearer to the head of the line, I stopped in front of a section dedicated to the reindeer. They were corralled in the "Reindeer Barn". It was all well and good... but then I looked up, and burst out laughing.

There above the entrance was Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer's... HEAD!

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Lights

Every year, the Mesa Temple decorates the grounds with lights and different Christmas scenes. There are programs to listen to, movies to watch, and my personal favorite, the Christus statue in the Visitors Center.

This year, the Bear was so excited to go see Baby Jesus. We wanted it to be clear to him that this Baby Jesus was not the REAL Baby Jesus, but just a doll.

The Bear piped up, "Baby Jesus is Peetend... like Dementors?"

"No honey, Jesus is real... Harry Potter and Dementors are Pretend."


So we made the short trip to the Temple grounds where the Bear was chomping at the bit to go see Baby Jesus. We pointed out the big shiny star under which lay of course the Nativity set.

After that we walked around looking at the lights. There was one display that was a lighted version of a fountain. The Bear wanted to go run around in it. I told him no. He said, "I wont get wet!"

Our last stop was to the Visitors Center to see the Christus. The Bear was once again excited to see Jesus. When they opened the curtain. I took him up in from of the Christus, and DramaMama took a couple photos of us. My favorite is shown above.

The Christus is awe-inspiring.

As we walked away from the Visitors Center, the Bear yelled, "Bye Big Jesus Statue!"

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Monday, December 05, 2005

A Flagon and a Bird Leg Me Hearties!

Thanksgiving was at Grammies house in New Mexico. It turned out a little unorthodox from the Bear perspective.

In the week leading up to our 6-1/2 hour drive over the river and through the woods, the Bear was so excited to go to Grammies house to eat turkey.

When dinner time came, the Bear was asleep on the couch. DramaMama woke him up and told him that it was time to eat turkey.

"I not hungry for turkey!"

"What are you hungry for?"

"A Nanny!"

So... the table was spread with loads of wonderful food, and on the Bear's plate... a banana.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

The Pineapple house revisited

So, the TV suddenly switched to:

"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"


The Bear was sitting on my lap and turned to me, "You don't like SpongeBob, huh daddy."

"No I don't!"

"But I hided the remote!"

Both DramaMama and I laughed, and Drama asked him where he hid it.

He replied:

"Under my cereal bowl!"

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