Monday, March 26, 2007

The Great Cracker Barrel Robbery

Yesterday, the Bear and I saddled up the Breeze and headed Southeast to Tucson to meet up with The Blogging Boss, and his son Catman. It was because of this blog that we even knew each other.

The Boss was in the area visiting his parents, so we made plans to meet in Tucson to have lunch and talk a bit.

The Bear slept most of the hour and a half drive, so he was loaded to the eyeballs with energy once we got to the meeting place which was The Cracker Barrel.

Once we were seated, the Bear kicked in the afterburners and was bouncing of the walls. I was very embarrassed having to try and rope him in while maintaining conversation with the Boss. He, thankfully, was very patient with both of us, and got his talking in during the all-to-brief moments of still and quiet.

We had a very nice visit despite the entertainment and mayhem that the Bear provided. I did get him to tell the knock-knock joke though, :) The Boss and I discussed a variety of things from work to programming to writing. Catman showed me a few of the things he has been working on, one of which can be seen by clicking on his link above. He has done some pretty cool things.

So, you are probably wondering about the title of this post...

The Boss was kind enough to pay for our meals because we had driven so far to see them. I thought that was very nice of him. While he was paying the tab, I was fielding "Can I have Candy?" type questions from the Bear as we perused the gift shop. I told him that he already had treats in the car.

We all went outside to take a few pictures, and although I had seen what the Bear was sucking on, it didn't register for several minutes. I realized he was sucking on a push-pop. I asked The Boss if he had bought that for him, but he hadn't. I obviously knew I hadn't, so the Bear had managed to nab some candy, and make it outside undetected.

When we were done with photos, I took the Bear back inside and got the attention of the store manager. We played the roles of stern parent and concerned business owner to send home the message that we don't take things we didn't pay for. After that, I went to the counter and paid for the push-pop. I of course had no cash on me, so I had to use my card for 59 cents. :)

We sent the Boss and Catman home with a jar of DramaMama's homemade salsa and a gift for their home.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another Milestone in Weezildom

The Bear has discovered knock-knock jokes... Sort of.

Bear: "Knock knock."

Me: "Who's there?"

Bear: "Boo Hoo. My sock is on the table. Is that funny?"

I taught him the proper joke, and sent him down to try it out on Drummer Boy and his girlfriend.

He came back in a few minutes pleased as punch at his successful delivery of a knock knock joke.

Of course the sock on the table bit was kind of funny.

Addendum: I just realized that March 4 was my blog's 2 year birthday, although I didn't really begin blogging in earnest until September


Monday, March 19, 2007

Cheez Amidst DramaMama's Photo Shoot

There I was, innocently holding the stuff that was on the chair so DramaMama could take a picture for her "after" collection, when I discovered I was suddenly the subject.


Friday, March 16, 2007

The Charlie Brown School of Interior Decorating

As you know, we have been renovating the interior of our home, and have made great strides. Take a jaunt over to DramaMama's blog for some before and after images. While you are there, pay particular attention to the very long white sheer drapes in our front room. These are the topic of this post.

The other day when I came home from work, DramaMama had hung our "new" curtains in the lower window there. She informed me that the white drapes would be going.

"But I like the white drapes."

"Take a look at the white drapes," she said and lifted up the bottom of one of them, and stuck her hand through a big circular hole. "You can ask the Bear about that."

"What did you do Mr. Bear?"

"I cutted the curtains with my scissors."

"Why did you do that?"

"I thought it was paper."

At that point, I had to concede that the nice white drapes were going. DramaMama pointed out that he got both sets.

When she found what he had done, she called him on it. Of course, he played innocent, but obviously knew he was busted. DramaMama said he had to go take a nap, and he went without a fuss.

But now, we have very classy and fancy curtains, and the room looks even better than before. Today, I officially downed the tall white drapes, painted the spots where the hooks were, then took DramaMama to lunch and a movie.

By the way, we are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary on Sunday, so I took Thursday and today off of work. We have had a wonderful time doing things together. We have both needed a break for a long time. We sent the boys to Grandma's.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Dejunk Kerplunk

As all 2 of my avid readers already know, we have recently been redoing the inside of our home. This meant moving out a ton of stuff into the garage, and a temporary storage pod in our driveway.

When we began to see the vastness of our crap-pile, we decided to list several pieces of furniture on a website called It has worked very well, and we have sold several items. Mind you at bargain basement discount sell off prices.

Today our latest customer came buy to purchase DramaMama's Baker's Rack. Drama help her load it in the car, and headed back toward the house where somehow she managed to fall. The lady helped her up, and she was hurting, but able to walk. She called me at work to tell me, and I could tell she was in discomfort.

She drove to Drummer Boy's school and picked him up, but by the time they got home, her left knee had swollen, and was becoming very painful. She walked with difficulty into the house, but barely made it past the door before she couldnt stand to put any weight on it anymore.

Drummer Boy got our handy dandy crutches, and she managed to get situated on the couch. She called me again and told me that I had to come home and get her to urgent care, because there was something very wrong with her knee.

I took off, and was soon able to see the damage. She has a huge lump on one side, three large patches of deep bruises, and a red spot.

We somehow managed to get her into the car, then took the Bear over to a lady from church, and headed to urgent care. There was one close, so we tried there. Just after DramaMama had struggled from the car, a nurse came out to tell us their x-ray machine was not functioning.

We then went to the one were I was checked over for pneumonia. They were great over there, and got us in and out in 3 hours. DramaMama was in serious pain. They determined that her ligaments were all okay, and took x-rays which revealed no breaks or anything. They think that she severely bruised herself. They were concerned that she might have broken her kneecap as that took the brunt of her fall.

We got a prescription to Happyland, and instruction to ice it down. So now she is on bed-rest on Dr. Cheez's orders.

DramaMama is pretty tough my friends. Although some tears were shed due to the shear pain of it all, she was very brave, and handled all of this like a real trooper.

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