Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Biggest Loser - Week 6

Well, little "trophy" has come my way once more. DramaMama was smokin' this week, and we felt that she was a shoe-in to win. But alas... I did.

As a group we have lost the equivelant of at least two of our kids. I have lost 20.5 lbs, and DramaMama has lost 16. She is looking really good. I can see a big difference in her, but not so much with myself.

My weigh in last week was a bit of a downer. I GAINED 3 pounds. I figured I would be even, but nope, I gained. I had a rough week being good though. I succumbed to brownies, a cookie, some french fries. I was so naughty, and the fat fairy punished me. As my dad now says (after dropping 125 lbs himself) "I am allergic to desserts, they make me break out in fat!"

I really wanted DramaMama to win, so even though I won, I was a bit bummed.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dumb Things

I seem to be prone to do dumb things. If a mishap occurs, and there is a chance that nothing or no one would be hurt by it, I completely miss that chance. It seems that my mishaps either break stuff, hurt somebody, or just mess stuff up.

Today my lovely wife called for help. She needed me to either hold the strainer, or pour the cooked noodles through the strainer so the water would go down the sink. I chose to pour.

I dumped away, and a significant quantity of recently boiling water cascaded down onto her tummy.

I feel terrible.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Twisted Wish

I found a great game that given time might even compete with Wendy Wing's casting calls.

It is called "Twisted Wish".

Here's how it works:

1) I will start by stating a wish.
2) The first person to comment will "grant" my wish... in a twisted, mean, and (hopefully) funny way.
3) They will then state their wish.
4) The next person "grants" their wish and states their own, and on and on.

I borrowed this idea from a forum I frequent, and it is very entertaining.

Since I only have 3 readers (and I think one of them is me!), perhaps they could point people my way to join in the fun. The more the merrier!

I will do the first two so you get the idea.


My Wish:
I wish for peace between nations

(Now go read the comments)

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Biggest Loser Week 3

Hmmmm.... Week 1 seems to have been my shining moment. I think all of that was water weight, and now I am actually losing fat.

This week I lost 1.5 pounds. This brings me to a running total of 15 pounds and over all inch reduction of 5-1/2. I was hoping for more, but there you are.

I had a really crappy week. I think anger weighs 5 pounds.

My other neice won this time. I'm hoping that DramaMama gets the trophy one of these weeks. We have been eating very sensibly, and have reduced our caloric intake by a significant amount.
She is working very hard. She has boosted her mall walking to include stairs.

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