Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Dejunk Kerplunk

As all 2 of my avid readers already know, we have recently been redoing the inside of our home. This meant moving out a ton of stuff into the garage, and a temporary storage pod in our driveway.

When we began to see the vastness of our crap-pile, we decided to list several pieces of furniture on a website called craigslist.com. It has worked very well, and we have sold several items. Mind you at bargain basement discount sell off prices.

Today our latest customer came buy to purchase DramaMama's Baker's Rack. Drama help her load it in the car, and headed back toward the house where somehow she managed to fall. The lady helped her up, and she was hurting, but able to walk. She called me at work to tell me, and I could tell she was in discomfort.

She drove to Drummer Boy's school and picked him up, but by the time they got home, her left knee had swollen, and was becoming very painful. She walked with difficulty into the house, but barely made it past the door before she couldnt stand to put any weight on it anymore.

Drummer Boy got our handy dandy crutches, and she managed to get situated on the couch. She called me again and told me that I had to come home and get her to urgent care, because there was something very wrong with her knee.

I took off, and was soon able to see the damage. She has a huge lump on one side, three large patches of deep bruises, and a red spot.

We somehow managed to get her into the car, then took the Bear over to a lady from church, and headed to urgent care. There was one close, so we tried there. Just after DramaMama had struggled from the car, a nurse came out to tell us their x-ray machine was not functioning.

We then went to the one were I was checked over for pneumonia. They were great over there, and got us in and out in 3 hours. DramaMama was in serious pain. They determined that her ligaments were all okay, and took x-rays which revealed no breaks or anything. They think that she severely bruised herself. They were concerned that she might have broken her kneecap as that took the brunt of her fall.

We got a prescription to Happyland, and instruction to ice it down. So now she is on bed-rest on Dr. Cheez's orders.

DramaMama is pretty tough my friends. Although some tears were shed due to the shear pain of it all, she was very brave, and handled all of this like a real trooper.

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At March 08, 2007 4:24 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I broke my kneecap once. IT IS NOT FUN. I hope DramaMama feels better soon. I've had many knee injurys (I know that's spelled wrong) in my life (not sure why, but it's always the knees). They're no fun. Get some rest and feel better.

At March 11, 2007 6:25 AM, Blogger Jillian said...

Oh no, poor Erica!!!!

So, not even a fracture?? Did they explain why the pain was so excruciating from a bruise? That sounds...odd!

How is she today? Able to get up and around? Gad, I know what it's like to be laid up by an injury. Very NOT EASY to be a mom at those times!

Give her a big hug from me, please.

At March 15, 2007 9:16 PM, Blogger Shane said...



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