Friday, March 16, 2007

The Charlie Brown School of Interior Decorating

As you know, we have been renovating the interior of our home, and have made great strides. Take a jaunt over to DramaMama's blog for some before and after images. While you are there, pay particular attention to the very long white sheer drapes in our front room. These are the topic of this post.

The other day when I came home from work, DramaMama had hung our "new" curtains in the lower window there. She informed me that the white drapes would be going.

"But I like the white drapes."

"Take a look at the white drapes," she said and lifted up the bottom of one of them, and stuck her hand through a big circular hole. "You can ask the Bear about that."

"What did you do Mr. Bear?"

"I cutted the curtains with my scissors."

"Why did you do that?"

"I thought it was paper."

At that point, I had to concede that the nice white drapes were going. DramaMama pointed out that he got both sets.

When she found what he had done, she called him on it. Of course, he played innocent, but obviously knew he was busted. DramaMama said he had to go take a nap, and he went without a fuss.

But now, we have very classy and fancy curtains, and the room looks even better than before. Today, I officially downed the tall white drapes, painted the spots where the hooks were, then took DramaMama to lunch and a movie.

By the way, we are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary on Sunday, so I took Thursday and today off of work. We have had a wonderful time doing things together. We have both needed a break for a long time. We sent the boys to Grandma's.

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