Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Good News Part 2

Today I found an envelope next to DramaMama's computer from the church. I picked it up, and asked if it was for my article.

She said that she thought it was a reimbursement check for things we bought for the ward party.

I looked closer and saw that it was from Salt Lake. Knowing that they wouldn't have sent the reimbursement form there for payment, I opened it and found a check made out to me from the church for $175 with the note "Ensign Article" on the stub.


There was no letter enclosed, so I don't know any particulars about when or what the next step will be, but as they have paid me for it, that means that it is going to be published. I am assuming probably soon.


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At March 16, 2008 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now you are a pro.

Ed Billingsley

At March 16, 2008 9:43 PM, Blogger drama mama said...

Happiest day!! WOO HOO!

At March 18, 2008 12:29 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Congrats, Dave!! Remember me?

Are you still planning on keeping, "Writers In the Mist?"

Just curious, think about it every so often!

How's your novel coming along??

At March 18, 2008 5:10 PM, Blogger Jaime said...

Ah yeah!! Congratulations. That is awesome.

At March 22, 2008 9:40 AM, Blogger Strude said...

Congrats. Very cool.


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