Sunday, July 30, 2006

Quote of the day

"I can't talk without a brain Daddy."
-- The Bear

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At July 30, 2006 11:17 PM, Blogger Diane said...

Hey, Dave, thanks for the visit via Wendi. I take my coffee strong and black, no sugar. Nice tameetcha. :-)

At July 31, 2006 7:28 AM, Anonymous Karen Girdler said...

well, DUH, Daddy, what were you thinking? aren't kids great! if for nothing else that great blog posts.

At July 31, 2006 1:06 PM, Blogger Jillian said...

Funny, I've mets LOTS of people who talk without brains...... :)

At July 31, 2006 8:17 PM, Blogger The Girl Who said...

Yes.. I agree Jillian.. I come across a whole host of folks who seem to be able to talk just fine without their brains..
By the way Dave, "Wendy directed me here today".. And I'm from Utah originally - so we're kind of neighbors.. AND my favorite movie is To Kill A Mockingbird.. Lovely to make your (virtual) acquaintance!

The Girl Who

At July 31, 2006 10:43 PM, Blogger Samantha said...

It's true It's really do say the darndest things dont they? LOL Nice to meetchya Dave :) You're a funny guy! I'll be back.

Wendy directed me here today :)

At August 01, 2006 11:53 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Wendy directed me your way! I love the quote. Very cute. And by the way, your artwork is very good. I really enjoyed looking at it!

At August 02, 2006 12:44 PM, Blogger Happy0303 said...

Wendy sent me over. It's great to have someone new to visit!

I wish some of my passengers would take a clue from The Bear.

At August 02, 2006 1:09 PM, Blogger Kukka-Maria said...

I love that! It made me think of the mother and son I saw in the store the other day!

She said, "We don't look with our hands--we look with our eyes."

He said, "But, Mom! My hands want to see!"

Wendy sent me, but I'm staying on my own accord!

At August 03, 2006 5:28 PM, Blogger Seawave said...

Jillian stole my comment. We should all remember this little bit of wisdom to avoid the next case of "foot in mouth" disease. Wiser words were never spoken. You have a philosopher in the making :)

At August 04, 2006 8:13 PM, Blogger Shane said...

I believe Bear would have no problem passing the LSAT


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