Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Have My Insurance Agent on Speed Dial!

No Joe... say it ain't so!

What could be worse than one munched car?

Type in dumb answer here: __________.

Our nice little Bonneville has become the latest victim of the Weezil clan driving school of maniacs.

To top the day off another of our goldfish died.

All involved in the accident were okay. DramaMama was, shall we say, most unhappy with the kid that pulled in front of her. Even less jolly about the cop who ticketed... HER! The Bear said it was scary.

This makes our third car in as many years to get munched. My accident was nearly three years ago, and falls off the records in April.

Clinton has now been in two auto accidents in less than a week. This time his girlfriend was with him.

I am trying to keep a positive outlook about all of this. DramaMama has a sore back, and the girlfriend bit her lip, but that is about the extent of it. Everbody walked away from it. I was at work, so I called my dad, and he went out there to help them. My sister and her husband also showed up.

My sister just came by and handed us a wad of money to cover the rental car we have parked out front.

DramaMama is online looking for a new car... because, well... WE DONT HAVE ANY MORE!

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At February 08, 2007 10:14 AM, Blogger Jillian said...

This is like a badly written novel -- it's so unbelievable that you can't suspend disbelief for the sake of the story.

I just can't believe it! How did the accident actually happen? And why the HECK did Erica get ticketed??

I'm just glad that nobody was hurt.

Several years ago, Eric was in an accident where he was found "at fault." A car cut in front of another car in Eric's lane, causing a collision; to avoid hitting the cars head-on, Eric swerved into the next lane, sideswiping a 4th car as he did so. Because he changed lanes instead of driving straight into the car in front of him (i.e., killing himself), the insurance company found him "at fault" for the damage to the 4th car. And yanno, if he hadn't switched lanes in that split second, he might not be here today. But insurance companies don't care about that, do they?

At February 08, 2007 10:00 PM, Blogger C. H. Green said...

Sounds like you've had one of my kind of weeks...


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