Friday, May 18, 2007

The Emperbears New Do

Today was Daddy Water Day at the Bear's school, so I took a couple hours off from work, donned a swim suit, and spent some quality time with my little guy.

When the kids were unleashed, there were about 8 small plastic pools filled with water, one was well stocked with water balloons. As you might guess, that pool was the most popular.

Soon balloons were flying and popping all over the place. The Bear was good at hitting my sandals, but all of the body shots bounced and blew on the ground. The water inside the balloons was rather warm, nearing hot. They had apparently stewed in the pool under the nice Arizona sun for a bit.

A hose made it into the fray, a squirt gun or two, then... SHAVING CREAM! I don't know whose idea that was but holy crap was it a hit. Kids were soon covered in white blobs. It was a lot like a silly string war, but with foam.

I got my hands on a can, and set to work creating a new look for my Bear. Before long he was sporting what I have come to call the "Barbasol Pompadour". It was hilarious, but I unfortunately didn't have a camera.

After that his teacher tried to ambush me with shaving cream, but she came out second best on that deal.

We got hosed off, did some bubbles, and had an otter pop. Then the Bear and I went to the basketball court and played around for awhile.

All-in-all, we had a very enjoyable time, just me and my Bear.



At August 04, 2007 9:04 AM, Blogger Shane said...

dang -- that sounds like a total blast. I think i'll call my 71 year old dad up and tell him it's water day.


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