Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Muchas Politicos

Since hardly anyone laughed at my joke, I will regale you with tales from work. I covered the illness thing pretty well there. Lately, due to the upcoming election, our company has been uber-swamped with work for political candidates.

You know those annoying signs that get stuck all over the whole dern town? We do that.

You know those annoying political mailings you get every day for two months from various candidates trying to slurp up your vote? We do that.

You know those annoying phone calls you get asking you questions about the election and who you are going to vote for? We do that.

You know the web sites listed on the annoying signs (ie ErnestTBoogerheadForArizona.com)? We do that too. We have a local channel here that presents a show for the Mesa city government. I pause there occasionally, because I know pretty much everyone on the panel. I built the Mayor's website, the vice-mayor's website, numerous city councilmen websites, and one for the janitor to sell glow-in-the dark yo-yos.

I have a huge hand in the mailings and the phone lists. We are working statewide this election, so there is an abominable amount of data to organize. My brain is usually fried by end of day. But it is all worth it to make sure you get your share of political mailings and phone calls.

Vote for Ernest!

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At October 25, 2006 5:28 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

What out Dave :) You're on my hit list :)

(Is it rude of me when I hang up on then people? The just don't get it when I tell them I'm not interested in their candidate :))

At October 25, 2006 10:08 AM, Blogger Domestic Goddess said...

Well, since we don't live in Mesa, I guess you are off the hook.

Do you get to (have to) schmooze with the people you build sites for?

At October 25, 2006 12:08 PM, Blogger drama mama said...

I think we've only schmoozed once. It wasn't that great.

I am so non-political. I have no idea what all those numbers mean...
yes on 201, no on 207. I'm a bad citizen.

At October 25, 2006 1:15 PM, Blogger Jillian said...

I didn't laugh at your joke because I didn't get it....


Actually, I thought I'd vote for you instead. Can I vote for you? A write-in writer vote.

Vote For Dave Da Weezil

*Legalizing public farts
*Mandatory 30-hour work weeks for aspiring authors
*Personal daily phone calls showcasing Dave's Latest Joke
*Port-a-potties installed near spinach fields

Are there spinach fields in Arizona?

At October 25, 2006 5:57 PM, Blogger Dave said...

No it isn't rude, a lot of that is expected. I do it myself. btw I made sure I wasn't on the list. :) We needed 278 valid responses, so our phone pool was over 950 phone numbers.

Domestic Goddess: Occasionally I meet with the candidates in my office, but usually I get a printed piece plopped on my desk. There are a couple candidates that actually took the time to get to know me, that was nice.

DramaMama: Your not a bad citizen, most people have no idea what the propositions are.

If I get written in I think I get that single vote.

The joke was a little esoteric. It plays better when you hear it.

Alo...ha... OY

Aloha... OY, don't get me started

2 of the 3 people I told it to laughed after I explained it... It's just my goofy brain.

I am not aware of any spinach fields here. Maybe that's a good thing.

I never have heard of a public ordinance banning farts. That is definitely a good thing.
"What are you in for?""
"Public flatulation."

The problem with a daily joke for the phone is that... I'd have to make up a joke every day... NAW!


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