Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Egad Watson

It s was one of those days, everything was going super until..... I woke up.

Work was a frustration wrapped up in a big fat pain. The morning was okay, but at 1:00 I was supposed to set up my computer in a conference room for a meeting with a new high profile client. I had it all set up and working, and the sales rep waltzed in 10 minutes after the meeting was supposed to start to inform me that she hasn't heard from the client, and we probably arent having the meeting. ARRRRRR! Why didn't she take a few minutes BEFORE I setup to tell me that?

So from there I go to our secondary shop to produce a postcard for another high profile client. Of course the software wasnt cooperating, and it took me 2 hours longer than expected.

Upon returning from that, I went to my office to wrap up another day on a never ending project, to discover that my computer was still in the conference room.

By the time I got that returned and set up, the day was pretty much shot.

I was more than happy to leave promptly at 5:00.

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At September 13, 2005 9:34 PM, Blogger drama mama said...

And then, my wife fed me some really gross stuff for dinner, but I ate it anyway, because I was starving! But the big bowl of ice cream covered the bad taste left in my mouth! ;)


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