Saturday, July 02, 2005

Just more wierdness

A poem
by CheezWeezil

Each day as I sit at work,
and take orders from a frequent jerk,

I dream of the end of the week,
when I become a computer game geek.

At last the jerk gave me some praise,
and even gave me a raise.

Now I can save some of my pennies,
So the fam can go eat at Denny's.

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At July 06, 2005 4:15 PM, Blogger drama mama said...

Yea! Denny's here we come!

At July 07, 2005 1:04 PM, Blogger peebugg said...

Man...some people have all the luck!!!

At July 25, 2005 12:36 PM, Blogger peebugg said...


I hope you are feeling better. Maybe you could blog a poem about your IV....


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