Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hey Jean Paul What's This?

The answer of course:

"Hey what's to say, you dont have to be French to make good french bread!"

Which by no related segue brings me to why I am blogging today... I HAVE NO IDEA.

I spent the morning out in the yard doing battle with the jungle and the fearsome creatures living in it. Mostly pruning. I whacked on the orange tree, sparing branches that actually had fruit growing. Then I tackled a rather scary looking rose bush which fought back. After that the dwarf peach tree that wasn't looking so dwarf anymore.

If that wasn't enough, I took on the big fat hairy bush on the side wall that I have no idea what it is other than unruly and unattractive. Whacked that down, then another rose bush bit me, so I whacked it. Then the branch from the dead apple tree got in my way, so I started breaking things off of it. I decided to try and break the top off by pulling on it. I then discovered why the tree was dead. No roots. Said tree smacked me right in the mouth as it toppled rather effortlessly.

So now instead of all the raggedy looking trees and shrubs, we have a monster pile of prunings and dead stuff in the middle of the lawn. I hope the dead greenery fairy will drop by later.

Me beloved wife has made hints on her wonderful blog that means that soon I will be in the overheated garage making organized chaos out of regular chaos.

See her blog at for a good read. Gotta love her!

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