Monday, September 12, 2005

He said, she said

Perspective is a wonderful thing. The man works hard all day and comes home and wants to die. The woman works hard all day and the husband comes home and she wants to kill him.

Somewhere in the middle, both seem to see their side as the most necessary, and wonder why the other cant understand that.

For the past week or so, our family has been working very hard on all fronts to clean and maintain order in our house. It has gone a long way toward all of us appreciating the others. Our house looks great and has for a solid 2 weeks. That is a humungous feat/achievement.

The yard is improving, although when Frankenstein got jolted by lightning, he improved. Our yard still has a very long way to go to make it even on the redneck yard of the week on Blue Collar TV.

Once we kill all of the alligators, and carnivorous beasts, perhaps we can knock down portions of the jungle. I just hope the Greenpeace people don't show up with some complaint of us removing the habitat of fearsome critters.

So this evening after our Family Home Evening lesson on Testimonies, we began our weekly inspections to see who gets "allowance". Of course all of the "He's" needed more time to get their respective areas worthy of inspection. The only "she" casually lay down and snickered freely.

So to her complete entertainment, me the biggest "he", tackled the 4 year-old's room, the front room, then my 4 by 4 potty room. I dismantled the potty and cleaned all of the pieces, then reassembled it. And why did I do that you ask? Because I was waiting for the only "she" to say "Wow".

What I got was "Wow honey, you even did the floor! Yeah honey!"

I like what "she" said.

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At September 12, 2005 9:25 PM, Blogger drama mama said...

"She" thinks you did a great job! And "she" thinks your cute too!


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