Friday, September 02, 2005

Not writing a poem today, deal with it

Holy crap what a month.

Working hard at work, coming home and working hard for the business, and freelance work for my brother's business. I am a whole lot of wiped out and tired these days.

On a more positive note though, ever since I got out of the hospital, my wife and I have changed our eating habits significantly, and so far I have dropped about 25 pounds. She had a quick burst at first but has stalled for a few days. I am hoping that for her sake that she sees some more progress soon so she doesnt get discouraged. She it still upbeat about it for the most part.

What was the deal with the hospital you ask? I got a new prescription for blood pressure called Dyazide. It is a diuretic which basically turns on your water works full blast, and washes away harmful things. The problem is that it also washes away good things such as Potassium. Herein lies the problem. I started feeling wierd right away on the medication, then one night became extremely ill. Cold sweat pouring of of me, the runs and vomiting all over the bathroom. It was a lovely evening. I stayed home from work the next day, and felt reasonably well. I went to work the next day and felt like crap. I was having twinges in my heart area, and my left arm was numbing and tingly. I went straight from work to the Emergency Room, where I was admitted for 2 days. They pumped tons of potassium into me via IV. I was so low, that when the first IV drip hit my system it smacked me hard and I honestly felt like I was going to check out. I started the cold sweat thing again and felt very nauseous. My heart rate dropped really low. After several minutes, I got through it. They told me that the potassium level is supposed to be 3.8 to 5.something, I was at 2.5. I learned that your heart needs the potassium to function, and if it gets too low, your heart will stop. If I hadn't gone in, I could have been in some serious trouble.

It took a couple of weeks out of the hospital on new blood pressure medicine and daily potassium pills, bananas and sunflower seeds to start feeling decent again. Every once in a while, I still feel "oogy".

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