Thursday, September 29, 2005

Now we step into the way back machine....

Now that we have covered the higher topics of poop and toots, I thought we would descend in to the world of Disney. Sort of like that submarine ride they used to have. Either that or the "doodloo doodloo doodloo" sound Wayne Campbell makes right after he tells Garth to take his Ritalin and they fade into a fantasy together.

So like 326 years and 9 days ago, I got divorced. At the time it was no fun, but now I couldn't be happier about it. Why you ask? Because I met this fine lady.

My son you are about to meet was brand new when this happened. His mom left me before she had him. Tra la la la... don't cry for me concertina... la la de da.... Anyway, when my little guy was 2, his mom went to California with him, and drove PAST Disneyland, but didn't take him. I was appalled, nay shocked and appalled.

So amidst harumphs and pshaws, I went to the bank and refinanced my car for the third time, and bought a deluxe package deal for 5 days with passes to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Sand Diego Zoo, and Sea World. I was hot to trot.

Now he being 2 at the time, he doesn't remember any of it anymore (he turns 12 in February). But I have some great pictures of our adventures there.

First we visit the airplane ride to LAX. Here we see the Bug, as I called him then, getting "Soapies" out of the button used to lower the plane seat:

That's my stylish shoe in the corner.

Once we were in California, we went to Disneyland in the morning and had a great time, came home for a nap, then went back until dark. We had a shuttle from the hotel that took us to all of the parks, it was wonderful. The little guy would sleep during the shuttle rides, and occasionally at the parks. The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room got him, he missed most of it.

At Sea World, I took him to the area where the kids can touch the dolphins. He was too little to reach them, so I lifted him up and out. Right as he got to the dolphin, it purged its blowhole right in his face.

"Daddy, I don't want to see the dolphins anymore."

At Disneyland, he was an attraction in himself, because he has a daddy with a strange sense of humor. Before our trip, I had a shirt made for him that read "I kicked Mickey Mouse at Disneyland." He is wearing it in the pictures to come. Most people thought it was funny, even the characters. One lady however was practically outraged, that was in line for the Dumbo ride. Luckily, we didn't have to deal with her much. Sheesh its a joke!

We visited Pinnochio. He was there with Kitty. Kitty thought it was funny, but as they are not allowed to talk, he had to tap me on the shoulder and mimic laughing with his paw to his mouth. Then he got Pinnochio's attention and pointed to the shirt. Great fun.

Here we see him honking Kitty's nose... notice Kitty is still pointing at his shirt:

Ain't he cute?

Somewhere during our visit we saw Roger Rabbit... Hey, it was probably in Toon Town, duh! Anyway, here's the Bug with Roger Rabbit, and you get a better look at his shirt:

Now, years later, like last March... The family minus the Bug went to Disneyland to see our 14 year old play with his band at the Carnation Plaza, which by the way, I did on two separate occasions with my group when I was 17, but I digress.

So before the trip, I thought it would be fun to have the Bear wear the same shirt. It would be sort of a rite of passage, a baton passing if you will from Bug to Bear of a treasured family item. My wife had issue with it for some reason, and actually took a poll on her blog to see what all you thought about it. I lost the vote. So the Bear just wore boring old kid clothes.

I will have more on the Bug, The Bear, Big Brother Vegan Boy, DramaMama, and CheezWeezil in days to come. Until then...


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At October 01, 2005 7:30 PM, Anonymous Bonanza Jellybean said...

You should have ignored the vote- that shirt was GREAT!

At October 01, 2005 8:29 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Thanks. :)

I remember as a kid being told it was the thing to do to kick the Three Little Pigs in the shins, so I did. I got bad information.

The funny thing about that shirt though is that he didn't get Mickey, he got Tigger. He came running back and said, "I kicked Tigger." I said, "That's not funny." he said, "No... dat funny!"


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