Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Talk Like a Bilge-Rat

ARRRR! It be Pirate talkin' day!

Go here and do yer worst! ARRRRR!


As is usually the case when I doctor myself up like this, others want in.

So feast your eyes and mock at will.

DramaMama the Pirate Wench

The Flogging Boss

Captain Bess Cash (Bessie for short)

Mad Wendy better known as "Emmy"

Jennifer the "ARRRRRRRchitect"

Eyeballs Implanted
in Another Man's Face


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At September 21, 2006 4:34 AM, Blogger Jillian said...




Dang, how did I MISS this the other day?? I think this is one of your best person-melds yet.



At September 21, 2006 4:52 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...


Love it :)

At September 21, 2006 8:00 AM, Blogger drama mama said...

I want one too!

At September 21, 2006 12:18 PM, Blogger Jillian said...

OMG....It links to ME! LOLOL

Cap'n Bess Cash be verily thankful to ye, and offers ye to go on th' account with her at next tide. Ahoy, weigh anchor, yo ho ho and all that.......

At September 21, 2006 10:12 PM, Blogger Dave said...

What does that mean?

And nobody asked me what a "jigger" is. SHEESH.

At September 21, 2006 11:48 PM, Blogger Shane said...

and t' think loddie, usually it's me enemies eyze that I pluck out o' t' their skullllllllz.

At September 22, 2006 6:01 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Lol - love the color scheme I'm wearing :)

Too funny!

At September 22, 2006 2:20 PM, Blogger WendyWings said...

ROTFL you are a sick wee man oh arh that you are !

At September 22, 2006 3:39 PM, Blogger Brittany said...

*gasp* That's so awesome. I should figure out how to make one of my face on Marilyn Monroe's body. :P

At September 22, 2006 8:59 PM, Blogger drama mama said...

Ooooooo....I'm hot! I wish it was that easy! You think I could buy a body like that on ebay???

Britt...I'll get him to do one for ya!

At September 23, 2006 7:09 PM, Blogger WendyWings said...

Mysterious Lady is having "blog Emmys" and I am nominated, please if you get a chance to go by her blog and vote for ME that would rock
I am nominated in the "friendship" area for my Casting call which you do take part in when you remember lol
More details here, it is just a fun thing but if you could pass it on to other bloggers too that would be great.


At September 24, 2006 7:42 AM, Blogger The Blogging Boss said...


I be flogg'in many a bloggers. Maybe Wendy has connections to get me on the next Pirates movie.


At September 24, 2006 12:27 PM, Blogger Jillian said...


"Dave," she asked slyly with a puzzled, slightly perturbed expression on her face, "What does JIGGER mean?"


"Go on the account" means to go on a pirating adventure to get some plunder. Avast!

And and and.....

YA, I WISH I wore that bra size!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holy moly.

Cap'n Bess Cash thanks ye.

Cap'n Bess Cash wishes the Floggin' Boss would grow his hair out like that for real. But he won't do it. Arrr.....


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